I believe an introduction is an order!  I’m Michael, or Mike.  Call me Mikey if you want me to never acknowledge your existence. 

I had been planning to write a deconstruction of a book at some point for the sake of giving myself an excuse to rant about something terrible for a while, but I couldn’t decide which book I wanted to use.  My friend mentioned that she had thought of reading 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight at some point, just to see just how bad they actually are for herself, and that she figured the only way she’d actually survive doing so would be if she ranted at a blog about it as she read it. I still hadn’t thought of a book of my own to do by the time that conversation came up, so I latched onto her idea instead of coming up with one of my own.  Together we decided to start with The Host instead though, because we heard it was the least terrible and we thought we’d ease our way in.

So here we are.  Fair warning: I’m not the biggest fan of romance books at their best.  They bore the hell out of me.  This will be an exercise in anger management, patience and sadism, which seems fitting given what I know of these books.  Still, I’ve been told my rage is entertaining, so hopefully you’ll enjoy my descent, and hopefully I’ll at least say some things here that haven’t been said a million times already.  I’m not doing this for originality; I’m doing this because I hate myself.

There’s not really much else to say; I’m not terribly interesting when I’m not pissed off.  I will add, though, that I intend to toss in some random non-book related posts from time to time too.  Hopefully that will also be interesting.

And be sure to check out my friends breakdown too at!

I am hoping to be able to update with two chapter reviews a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and if I have anything non-book related to say I’ll save that for the weekend. See you at the prolugue!


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