Q&A: What I Want Most

Welcome to another round of Q&A With Mike and Llama!

Today’s question is ‘What do you want most right now?’

Uhh… Pizza?  Pizza would be nice…

I’ve known about this question for a little over a week now, which means I’ve had a lot of time to think about it.  I realized I’ve been conditioned to automatically insert ‘to eat’ at the end of ‘what do you want’, so every time I thought about the question, food was always the first thing to pop into my head, even when I wasn’t hungry.

So if I were to just go with my first instincts, that would be what I would have to say.  But I’ll be good and give you something a little more personal.

If I actually force myself to think about it, what I want most has always been more or less the same.  Power.  I will be a corrupt ruler when I take over the world, I assure you.  But power is what I’ve always strived to gain.

King of the World

It’s not as selfish as it sounds (though it is both selfish and egotistical, just not solely).  I want to be able to help people I currently have no ability to help.  I want to be able to do more for the people I can already help to varying degrees.  I got my strong morals from my dad, and watching him struggle to make sure what’s right got done as the system he worked in got more and more ridiculous and made that harder and harder to accomplish made me want the power to fix it.  I want to be able to tell schools to stop teaching kids the dumbest possible way to teach kids (it’s been proving over and over again that lecture based learning has the lowest success rate of all possible teaching methods) I want to be able to make mental health services more widely available and less frowned upon.  I want to be able to increase science budgets.  I want to be able to live and work in the same goddamn city.

That last one is me being selfish.  I currently work in a field office for an inspection company.  I am there as a representative of the funder of the project to verify that the contracting company isn’t trying to pull a fast one when they submit their bills.  I work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, in whatever town the project I’m working on happens to be in.  I make good money, but I have no life.  I don’t get to sleep in my own bed at night.  It would be really nice to be able to work in the city where all my furniture lives without having to make significantly less money.  Yeah, yeah, first world problems.  I said it was selfish and just that it would be nice, not that I hate my current situation.  Otherwise what I wanted most would be to be able to go home.  It’s a sacrifice I make willingly, made easier by the fact that I like most of the people I have to interact with.

Anyway, yeah, power.  I’m a bit of a megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur.  I would gladly take over the world if I had the chance.  I think I could improve things around here.  Someday I’ll buy a private island and build my utopia.  For now I need to go track down a pizza.



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