QA: Warmest Welcomes

Today’s question is What was the warmest welcome you ever received?

Pretty straight forward question this time.  I don’t really receive a lot of ‘warm welcomes’.  Not because people don’t want me around, but because the people who care enough about me to want to give me a warm welcome know me well enough to know I’m not a big fan of physical affection.  I’m very much like my father in that I feel uncomfortable with public displays of affection and physical affection should be left to the people you love the most and no one else.  Though I take it a step further and don’t even care much for shaking hands, only doing it because I work in business and I’d not make many contacts if I refused to shake hands with people.

This is more or less how it goes when people hug me.

This is more or less how it goes when people hug me.

So because of that discomfort, most of the welcomes I receive are of the more subdued variety, and that’s exactly how I like it.  I know these people love me, I don’t need more than a smile to know that.  But then what’s my story for this question?  Well, it does have one.  I do have an American friend I only get to see when I go down to the states.  We met over the internet and met in person a few years later at a convention.  The first meeting was a little more subdued because I arrived earlier than planned so things got thrown off, but then the next time I went to visit on less neutral ground…  I got tackled at baggage claim.  It’s a good thing I learned impulse control over the years because had someone done that to me a few years ago, well, I also got my dad’s strength, let’s leave it there.  I knew it was coming though, I’d been warned in advance because like I said everyone who knows me knows I don’t like being touched.  And as uncomfortable as it makes me, and as awkward as it was because of that, I will concede that at that moment I felt like I belonged there, and that I was wanted and cared about.  The part of the that wasn’t horrified was happy.

That same friend will be arriving in Canada for the first time this coming Friday!  There will probably be more hugs…  I’ll live.  My dad will be visiting at the same time due to some convenient timing (if he wasn’t here when I was off for a week anyway I wouldn’t be able to see him, and he’s just passing through before going to a new job.  He retired a few years ago but he and my mother decided he wasn’t ready to retire yet.) so my home should be a warm and inviting place once again.  Now I just have to make sure it’s clean…  That has nothing to do with anything, this post was just really short so I thought I’d just continue my thoughts for a bit.

What are the warmest welcomes you remember getting?  Do you share my sentiments about touching?  Think I’m nuts?  How do you make sure that people you’re welcoming feel… welcome?

Check out The Llama’s answer to this question and I’ll talk at you again on Tuesday with more of that awful book!


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