Q&A: Are you comfortable being nude?

This week’s question is an easy one for me! The question is ‘When and where have you felt most uncomfortable being nude?’  And my answer is the only place I am comfortable without at least underwear on is in the shower.  I’ll walk around my apartment without pants while I’m doing laundry, but, yeah, in general I’m never completely naked outside the bathroom.  And yes that does mean exactly what you think it means about my love life or lack there of.


I’m trying to think of a way to extend this one, but I can’t without talking about something else entirely.  There’s no traumatizing story about why I don’t like to take off my clothes, there’s no wacky stories about times I got drunk and went against it, and it’s not about low self-esteem.  Though I suppose I could justify it by saying that I’ve only been living alone for a few months, prior to that I’ve always had a roommate or family around, so the odds of someone seeing me were exponentially higher.

Hmmmm…  What else is there to say?  I guess I could say that the place I would feel most uncomfortable being caught naked would be at work.  And for me that’s actually a possibility.  During the winter I work in remote areas so they set up ‘camps’ which are trailers with tiny rooms that make the 10 by 11 closet I lived in when I lived with my parents look big.  30-50 people per trailer, depending on what style rooms you get stuck in, and 2 of the 3 types of rooms, you have to share a bathroom with 1-4 other people.  95% male.  Whee.  A couple of the guys over 50 had a bad habit of walking around the halls in their long johns.  I don’t look forward to winter.


As for things that have actually happened not just possibilities, there was one night a few years ago I was getting back to my building late, I walk in through the front door, and for some reason there was a couple in the hallway blocking the stairs to my apartment.  The girl was fully clothed, but the man was bare ass naked.

Walkin awayTo this day I have no idea what they were doing.  There was an awkward silence before he pressed against her so I could walk past.  The hallway was not big enough for 3 people…  Thankfully the guy’s girlfriend was small so I got past without having to touch him.  Pretty much as soon as I got in my apartment I fell down laughing.  I was loud enough to wake up my roommate.  He came out of his room to check on me, thinking I’d gone nuts.  In my defense it was somewhere around 4 in the morning, I was tired, and not mentally prepared for that particular event.

That’s all the nudity stories I can think of.  Share your own in the comments!  And check out The Llama’s!


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