Q&A: Most Interesting Person

Today’s question is: “Who is the most interesting person you’ve ever met?” And to me this is like asking what my favourite movie, food or book is.  There is no single answer because I find different people interesting for different reasons.

There’s The Llama, I can, and have, talked to her for DAYS with only stopping to sleep and stuff our faces with pizza.  Somehow even after a decade, we haven’t run out of things to talk about and I don’t have that with anyone else.  There was a couple of years where we worked for the same company and lived 2 blocks apart and we talked every single day without fail, despite having the same experiences since we were sharing a tiny office.  I don’t know many people that can say that about someone they’re dating let alone a friend/coworker.

Most people after spending 3 years talking to the same person every single day

Most people after spending 3 years talking to the same person every single day

We met in high school but didn’t really become friends until I moved to a different province and became roommates with one of her then closest friends and we started talking over MSN because my computer was a piece of shit so I was constantly using his.  After a while I got her a job working with me and when she got pregnant and the father was in a different province so I… tried at least… to go to the maternity classes with her.  Unfortunately the first one I could go to was the one where they show a baby actually being born and I had nightmares that night…  But eventually she moved to be closer to her family and now she’s raising the most amazing kid who is absolutely fascinating to watch grow up.  And as you can tell we still talk every single day.  And the shit she’s gotten through and found a way to survive is phenomenal.

There’s my parents, my mother was the only girl in a family with 6 boys.  Her family lived in a tiny little trailer with 2 bedrooms and they still took in homeless people on cold nights who had nowhere else to go.  Her mother died of diabetes because there were a few too many days she gave up her own meals to take care of others.  She got married young to an abusive asshole, but eventually she got up the courage to leave him and she actively pursued my dad, the best friend of one of her brothers.  From there she worked a lot of odd jobs, eventually starting a few businesses of her own, then started managing a multimillion dollar franchise and traveling the country to visit each franchisee to make sure they were living up to the standard.  After that she helped get disabled people funding and jobs, then helped immigrants start up their own companies.  After she got cancer she ‘retired’ for a while, but now she’s planning to go back to work because, why the hell not?

My dad is the youngest in a family of 5, 1 older brother who was old enough to join the military and leave home before my dad was really old enough to get to know him.  He got married young to a woman I’ve never been privy to learn about but I know the memories aren’t fond before he was pursued by my mom and eventually married her and had me and my sister.  He worked on a railroad for a while, he was a weight lifter, could bench press 300lbs and eat a whole large pizza as a snack.  Eventually he got his dream job as an RCMP constable, and made it a point to be the most fair officer he could be.  He believes that fighting is always a last resort because no one ever wins in a fight, just one guy gets hurt less than the other.  Despite having served in task forces, having his family threatened, having shot guns shoved in his face and having people try and beat the shit out of him he has never shot or killed anyone.  And he takes great pride in being able to remind people who think they’re above it that the laws apply to them too, making damn sure that everyone who breaks the law, even rich people or politicians, gets the same punishment because there’s no point in enforcing a law at all if it doesn’t apply to everyone.

Cops really DO get calls like this...

Cops really DO get calls like this…

My grandmother on my dad’s side was fascinating too.  She lived to be 94 years old, she never ran out of stories.  No one on either side of my family ever had dementia or alzheimers so unfortunately we all had to watch as she grew older and her body gave out, but she was aware of all of it…  But she never stopped trying to take care of everyone, never stopped telling stories.  Her husband, my grandfather, he was a genius.  One of the smartest men I know.  He worked for a railroad though and eventually got to drinking.  When he drank he wasn’t the nicest person in the world, but when he didn’t, he was.  And he loved my sister and I.  Sadly I didn’t get to know him as well since he died when I was quite young after his third heart attack.  He still made it to his mid 70’s though!

On my mom’s side, I already mentioned everything I know about her mom, but her dad owned his own taxi company.  Everyone believes he had a ton of money stashed in a hole in the ground somewhere but he always lived modestly, so I don’t know how much of it is true.  He had a 25 year old cat that he loved every bit as much as his kids if not a little more.  He was a drinker too sadly and like my other grandfather, was not a good person when drunk.  But when I saw him he was always nice.  He also lived into his 70’s, died of cancer after refusing to see a doctor until he was in so much pain he couldn’t lay down, by which point it was sadly much too late…  My family is close, for the funerals of all my grandparents, the other side of my family, despite not necessarily knowing them personally, would be there for support.  I always loved listening to all my grandparents stories.  Heard a couple of them multiple times but the little details always changed and I loved it.  They were amazing people who lived lives I admire, even if they weren’t perfect.

My god mother is fascinating too.  She was a nurse, she owned her own helicopter company, she was a jail guard, and now she’s doing security for a diamond mine in the north!  She’s spiritual and kind, and she’s traveled the world.  She’s always got something to say and loves to listen to anyone willing to talk.

I’ve got a friend in the US who was just up for a visit, a doctor with spinal problems who will eventually be paralyzed from the waist down.  Works as a physical therapist to help other people with similar issues so they don’t have to suffer as much.  Struggled through med school dealing with the pain and the depression it caused, but made it just like I always said.


I could honestly go on like this forever.  I’ve met a LOT of really interesting people.  All my friends and family are interesting for a lot of different reasons and I couldn’t possibly pick any one of them.

Share your stories if you want, and check out The Llama’s answer to the question!


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