The Host Review: Bored (Ch 18)

The title of the chapter is inspiring for its quality isn’t it?  I am not looking forward to this one.  It’s almost as long as the last two as well.  What the hell is going to happen in a chapter titled ‘Bored’ that makes it as long as the chapter where she reconnects with her little brother?  Or the one where she has to face a group of men trying to kill her?  Longer than the chapter where she nearly dies of heat stroke and meets her uncle.  This one’s going to suck isn’t it?

Melanie and I thought a lot about Jamie. Mostly we worried that we had damaged him by coming here, that we were injuring him now. What was a kept promise in comparison with that?

As much as I’ve harped on how much they should have thought through this plan better, I will say that given the circumstances he would have been hurt either way.  There’s a different kind of suffering in not knowing.  Not knowing the truth is so much more painful than closure.  Not knowing leaves you with false hope and false hope eats away at the very core of your being.  Every time he get his hopes up that maybe she’d walk through that door and hug him and see how much he’d grown, only to see Jared walk in alone again another part of him would die just a little bit.  At least knowing what happened would give him the chance to come to peace with it.

Bored is an aptly named chapter.  I’m bored reading it.  Nothing is happening.  There is three pages of describing how much nothing is happening before she finally gets up to go to the bathroom again.


At this point I’m starting to think that Jared’s anger towards Wanderer is unrealistic.  Anger cannot be maintained for that long.  Anger is exhausting.  Take it from someone with anger issues you cannot stay angry that long without passing out.  Every single noise he makes, face he makes, it’s all disgust and anger and annoyance.  He was already ‘at his limit’ in the last chapter and she says they sit there for hours.  I wonder if he actually was sleeping and she just doesn’t notice…

The further into this chapter I get the less I understand why it exists.  She has to go to the bathroom again, but this time Jared is taking her, and he’s kind of a jerk to her (though at least he has a reason to be an ass so I am less judgemental of his behaviour than Wanderer’s past asshole behaviour) going too fast, not helping her when she falls down, and getting upset when she accidentally bumps into him.  When they get back out into the main hall where all the light had been the last time she needed to use the bathroom, she finds out it’s night time now and the light came from a couple dozen mirrors rigged up in a hole to the surface that filters light into the main area.  Everything that I just included in this one paragraph takes place over 2 pages of the chapter.

If you don't know who this is look up John Green on Youtube

If you don’t know who this is look up John Green on Youtube

I feel like I’m not accurately conveying how monotonous this book is.  I’m pretty sure that if I went through and skipped every second page of this book I wouldn’t miss a single important fact.  Actually the book might be an easier read if I did that.  The thing is, if I did that, there would still be so much unnecessary filler information this book would still be a slog to get through.  I don’t understand how this got past an editor.

Jared clenched his jaw and stared at the ceiling while I walked hesitantly into the room with the inky pool. I guessed that if I stumbled into the fierce underground hot spring and disappeared, Jared would probably see it as a kind intervention of fate.

I think he would be sad, Melanie disagreed as I edged my way around the black bathing room, hugging the wall. If we fell.

I doubt it. He might be reminded of the pain of losing you the first time, but he would be happy if I disappeared.

Because he doesn’t know you, Melanie whispered, and then faded away as if she were suddenly exhausted.

Siding with Melanie on this one, and not just because I hate her less than Wanderer.  I don’t think outside this book Jared would like Wanderer much since she’s one of the most negative people I’ve ever had the displeasure of bearing witness to, but if Wandanie died I do think it would make Jared sad.  He would probably be conflicted, happy to not have to make the order himself, happy that the parasite was dead, but it’s still Melanie’s body.  As long as she’s there, as angry and sad and frustrated as he already is, part of him is probably hoping that she’s still in there, that there’s still hope that Melanie can come back to him.  If her body finally dies she’s gone.  I said earlier that closure is better than false hope, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

This is the closest approximation I can find to how conflicting the emotions would be if she died

This is the closest approximation I can find to how conflicting the emotions would be if she died

I have no idea why Melanie would be exhausted after this exchange.  This is the first time she’s actually spoken in this chapter, and this is the only quote from her.  There’s been no indication of her being tired.  …Don’t tell me she’s jealous of Wanderer’s proximity to Jared.  This is a romance and Jared is the love interest, and there’s two of them, they’re both in love with him, oh god that’s what that is isn’t it?!  This is why guys hate romance novels!  This shit right here!  We don’t care!  She’s jealous of a fucking parasite!  I’m going to hope that I’m wrong on this prediction…

I stood frozen where I was, surprised. I wasn’t sure, but it felt as though Melanie had just given me a compliment.


Goddammit Wanderer can’t you stop being a bitch for five fucking minutes?  She’s said nice things to you lots of times!  Stop being surprised every single time humans aren’t dicks to you!

They go back to the cave bubble and Jeb is waiting for them with a couple of bed rolls which I assume are little cushions you can sleep on.  Jared tells him Wanderer isn’t getting one so to take it away, Jeb calls him cruel and apologizes to Wanderer as he leaves with the second cushion.  Jared tells him to stop being nice to her, and I’m back to thinking his behaviour is excessive even given the stressful and conflicting nature of the situation.  If he’s not willing to kill her I can’t see him treating her the way he has been this chapter.  He proceeds to taunt her with his makeshift bed.

“You won’t be able to sneak past me,” he warned. His voice was softer than before–sleepy. “If you try…” He yawned. “I will kill you.”

I didn’t respond. The warning struck me as a bit of an insult. Why would I try to sneak past him? Where would I go? Into the hands of the barbarians out there waiting for me, all of them wishing that I would make exactly that kind of stupid attempt?

Yup, they’re all barbarians.  Jeb, who has been nothing but nice to you.  Doc, who only laid a hand on you to check on your health, Jamie who just wanted to talk to you, all those people in the main hall who could have easily over powered Jeb to kill you but didn’t… Just out of control monsters, the lot of them.


What plan did he think I was hatching to overthrow their little world? Did I really seem so powerful? Wasn’t it clear how pathetically defenseless I was?

It’s clear to me that your entire species is pathetic and defenseless, but you still managed to take over the planet, so, yeah, you are a pretty significant threat.  They don’t know how you get the parasites into people outside that it results in a scar on the neck.  For all he knows you could have a whole swarm of the parasites to infect everyone and you only need to get close enough to scratch him.  Or just release one and it will claw its way into his neck anyway.

Apparently a few weeks go by and Jared stopped letting Jeb come by at all.  He never spoke to her, he got ‘treats’ for himself to eat and taunted her with them.  Again, his behaviour seems excessive.  Especially for the length of time that goes by.  We’re not even spared the descriptions as she goes back over every single brand name junk food he got, the sound of him ripping open the bags, the colours of the food, the sound of him chewing… WHY DO WE FUCKING CARE?!

A few more useless pages later Ian shows up and tells Jared that the Seekers have stopped looking for Wanderer.  Apparently they found where she abandoned the car and sent search parties.  One of the Seekers almost got eaten by a coyote and so they seem to have assumed that that’s what happened to Wanderer and gave up the search.

Apparently the Seeker we’ve met who never got the dignity of a name making this a hard section to talk about, got in a fight with the other Seekers when she was declared dead.  Apparently after they all left she kept looking.  Wanderer freaks out a lot and gets Ian and Jared’s attention.  The chapter ends with Jared demanding Wanderer tell them what she knows about ‘the Seeker in black’.


This chapter was so very unnecessary.  The only important part is the conversation at the end of it and it could have easily been put at the start of the next chapter, leaving out the useless information that proceeded it.  But hey, maybe Seeker will finally get a name next chapter!

Till next time!

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