Q&A: What is Perfection?

“What is the best example of ‘perfection’ that you can think of?”

I have no sweet clue.

No, really, I don’t know.

I can’t even pick a favourite movie, book or food.  I like everything for different reasons.  Everything has it’s positives and it’s negatives.  Everything that comes closest to perfection has the most glaring of flaws.  I can say that most days, at least lately, I find the best, closest to perfect days to be the ones where I can sit at home and be lazy and comfortable.  I can say that the closest I have experienced to the perfect moment was when Llama and I went to a Tiger Preserve in Myrtle Beach and I got to play with tigers up close and personal, something I have spent my entire life wanting to do.  I can also tell you that after I did that the crash of having to leave something I’d dreamed of for decades, a moment in time where I was so happy my face hurt, and return to normal life made me spend the entire next two weeks in an angry, bitter rage.  And that I’m lonely as hell so enjoying being alone and lazy just fuels my bouts of depression when they come and makes them hit all the harder.

This does come pretty damn close...

This does come pretty damn close…

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be someone’s idea of perfect.  Then I wonder if that’s even possible.  I know at the start of a relationship most people are in the ‘my girlfriend/boyfriend is so perfect!’ phase, but the flaws always come.  It never really comes down to ‘I don’t see them as flaws’ so much as ‘I don’t see them as flaws I can’t look past’.  Is that perfection?  Someone who’s flaws are mild enough that they aren’t a turn off?  I don’t know.

I think the idea of perfection itself is a flawed concept.  ‘Perfect’ would be perpetual energy.  I can’t think of any other even theoretical examples of something I would call without flaws.  I can’t even think of something that would be universally close.  And if it isn’t perfect to everyone, is it really perfect?  I guess that’s the question.

What do you find perfect?  Do you have a ‘perfect day’, or have you experienced a ‘perfect moment’ or found the perfect significant other or friend?  I had perfect attendance one year…


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