QA: When Are You Least Understood

“In what way are you least understood?”

Well… when I speak?  Yeah, that seems like a good answer.

I don’t mean that I use big words or I talk about concepts that others don’t understand, though the latter has been something I have been known to do as I ramble a lot.  I don’t mean that I talk too fast for people to follow what I’m saying or anything like that.  I’m saying that when I go to actually physically speak it’s like my brain shuts off and I forget basic words that I and everyone else use all the goddamn time.

It’s very difficult to understand someone stuttering ‘In-in-in… FUCK! What is that word?!’ when the word I’m trying to remember is as basic as ‘instant’.  I am just terrible at speaking my own native language.  It’s pretty pathetic.

I suspect this particular question is asking for something a little deeper than ‘people don’t understand me when I forget how to speak’.  I suspect it wants to know what aspect of your personality do people most often get confused about, or what belief do you have the hardest time getting people to see where you’re coming from on.  But the thing is, I don’t really talk to people that haven’t known me for years.  I haven’t met a new person that I’ve actually started talking to for any length of time or about anything particularly interesting since 2006.

I suppose I could say that my parents never understood that I struggle with depression, but since I stopped trying to get them to well over a decade ago I’m not sure I count that.

I don’t know.  I just never talk to people about anything important enough for me to notice or care whether or not they understand me.  I do not allow myself to be misunderstood on a personal level.  I feel bad for making that my answer, but it just is…  I don’t fear people not understanding me because I don’t offer them anything to misunderstand.

Check out The Llama’s answer and I’ll see you next time!


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