Q&A: Bad Vacations

“What was the worst vacation you ever took?”

Another week another uninteresting answer!  I swear this book does get into some nitty gritty things later on but we’re probably only on about page 3 or so…

Anyway, my answer is that I don’t recall ever having a bad vacation!  All of my vacations go shockingly well.  Until I get home and suffer the financial or emotional set backs of returning from a vacation but that’s not the vacations fault that’s mine for either having poor fiscal planning or just not preparing myself from returning to work/life from the BEST PLACES IN THE GODDAMN WORLD.  Sorry, that was my last vacation, you may remember it from the picture of the hot chick in the bikini taking a tiger cub for a walk.  That was actually taken at the compound I visited.  It really is the best place on Earth.

Any excuse to post this again is a good excuse.

Any excuse to post this again is a good excuse.

So, yeah, I have no idea what to answer.  I’ve probably had bad vacations or vacations I didn’t enjoy when I was young but I don’t really remember much of anything prior to the age of 10.  I remember the look and feel of friends houses, I remember getting frogs eggs from a pond and chasing salamanders, running around in the woods, skating on the lake…  Vague details.  Can’t tell you how old I was or whether they happened on summer vacation or just after school.  I don’t think I ever got sick on a vacation, and I don’t think anything exceptionally bad ever happened on one.  When we went to Hawaii when I was, 5 I think, I got the worst sunburn I have ever had before or since, but I didn’t really feel the effects of that until I got home so it didn’t really affect the vacation.

I have bad fall out from vacations.  I use up all of my luck on the vacations themselves.  The skies part and stop the rain, the last seats are still available and don’t suck for that show I wanted to see, there happens to be an event going on RIGHT NOW that I can get in!  That kind of thing.  And then when I get home shit goes to hell for 2 weeks.  So I don’t have bad vacations, so I can’t really answer this question!


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