QA: High Hopes

“What is the one non-monetary thing you have the highest hope of obtaining in life?”

I’m going to be a semantic dickhead and discuss the meaning of this question way more than the actual answer.

‘Highest hope’, what does that refer to?  The thing you hope for the hardest?  The thing you think you’re most likely to achieve?  The thing you want most that you think you have the best chance to achieve?  Up till 2 years ago the thing I wanted most was to get a chance to be around tigers outside of the context of a zoo but I had no actual hope of achieving that until last year when I actually DID it, so I probably wouldn’t have put it on the list back then because I didn’t believe it was actually possible.  So my idea of what I can hope for has gotten a little more… broad.

Technically in my case opportunity knocked, then I had to build the door to let it in.  And I got a few splinters and bruises building it.

Technically in my case opportunity knocked, then I had to build the door to let it in. And I got a few splinters and bruises building it.

What about the meaning of ‘non-monetary’?  An emotion?  A person?  Pet?  Career?  Physical object?  I have an answer for all of those things.  I have various answers for all of those things actually.

I guess I should list a couple at least.  Career wise I would like to someday run my own business.  I already have a company I just need a product or service to sell.  (I’m an independent contractor at work, I had to set up a company, but realistically I’m an employee) Physical thing that I would some day like to own?  Trickier.  A house with an indoor pool!  Emotion?  Yeah, you already know the answer to that one.  99% of people have the same answer to that question and I’m not the exception.

Which of these things do I think I have the best odds at achieving?  The house probably.  Which do I want more than the rest?  That’s a little harder to answer.  The company would probably help me get the house, so wanting the house more than anything else would be a bit short sighted.  But I already put my career over my personal life and I’m really not terribly happy with that decision, so I would think that would imply that what I want the most would be to have a personal life, specifically, a loving relationship.  But really I want the whole bundle.  I don’t want to sacrifice my professional drive to be in a stable relationship, but I don’t want to sacrifice my chances at a healthy relationship by only focusing on my career.

So I guess what I want most is to find a healthy work-life balance.  Yeah, let’s go with that.

Like that.

Like that.

Till next time check out The Llama’s much more passionate response to this question.


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