Q&A: Shopping

What is your favourite store in the world?

Here is how my basic non-grocery store shopping generally goes:


“There’s a hole in your jeans.”  My sister says while pointing at a large hole in my pant leg I’ve been aware of for quite some time.

“Yeah, I know. I should probably get a new pair…”

A few days go by, I’m wearing the jeans with the hole once again.  As I walk to the bathroom, I snag the structurally unsound pant leg on the coffee table, causing the hole to grow to a size I can no longer ignore.  I let out a resigned sigh as I dig out another pair of pants that are significantly less comfortable and get changed.

‘What store is close by that sells jeans for less than $50?  Target?  Probably.’  I think as I change.

On my way out I grab my coat and my keys and head to the store.  When I arrive I glance around, trying to figure out where the jeans are.  I head towards the aisles that look to have clothes at a brisk pace, not bothering to grab a cart or shopping basket.

I finally locate the jeans, glad I didn’t have to walk past the movie section because I probably shouldn’t buy one, and look for a pair of jeans that don’t have any stupid designs on them.  I grab a pair in my size, grimace at how much they cost and head to the self-checkout.  I grab a chocolate bar from the impulse purchase shelf and pay for my items.  I walk out of the store as fast as I walked in.  Less than ten minutes have past.


That’s how I shop.  I don’t have a favourite store.  I have a ‘store close by that will serve my needs’.  If I want a computer or movie, Futureshop (Best Buy for any American readers) is literally right across the street.  If I need clothes, Target or Walmart are a 5 minute drive up the road.  Everything else I want (and a lot of the time those things too) I buy online.


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