Q&A: Bad experiences

“What was your most disappointing sexual experience?”

So let me tell you about my old cat.  I got him a few months after my first cat passed away.  My family also had a rather rambunctious, and full sized, German Shepard at the time, and when I got my cat he could fit in the palm of my hand.  And I have always been the over protective sort, so of course I kept him away from the dog, despite how much he wanted to cuddle with her (he was never the most intelligent cat in the world.  The dog hated him for a long time, but he kept trying to snuggle…) and basically I inadvertently made him a massive coward who would come to me over every little thing.  Scared of his own shadow, that cat.  Even after he grew massive and could beat the dog in a fight, every time a car horn honked he was in my lap.

I loved that cat.  He was so friendly, the last vet to ever look at him said she’d never met a cat that would cuddle after surgery.  He just wanted everyone to love him all the time.  He was terrified of gerbils, he would just watch flies float away instead of catching and killing them.  And he was terrified of confined spaces.  It was physically impossible to get him into a cat carrier.  Both my dad and I (when we were both in good shape) tried together one day when we were trying to show the house to sell it so he wouldn’t be in the way, and we failed miserably, and ended up bloody.  It was not a pretty sight.

Whenever I would be in a room with the door closed, like, the bathroom for instance, or if I closed my bedroom door to change while he had happened to be outside the room, he would freak out.  He would start crying and trying to get the door open.  Damn near succeeded a few times.  He was a surprisingly smart cat for how dumb he came across most of the time.

Oh, you were expecting that story to go somewhere weren’t you?  Yeah, no, I’m not talking about my love life on the internet.  See you next time!

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