Q&A: Opinions

Now that I’m back to blogging I guess I’ve got to catch up on these huh… So expect to see an influx of these over the next little while!

What is the strongest opinion you hold?

The strongest opinion that I hold is probably that innocence shouldn’t get hurt.  I know that sounds either like I want to sound like a hero or like something that should just be so basic it doesn’t have to be strongly held, but I don’t really care.  I’m not at all noble or heroic (my opinions on the non-innocent getting hurt are a lot less friendly).  But when someone who has done nothing wrong gets hurt I get unreasonably pissed off.  I am also stupidly protective of my more innocently naive friends, not wanting to see the world ruin them.

Mostly when I say ‘innocent’ I’m usually referring to children.  There are very few teenagers/adults I would consider innocent in ANY way.

I have a hard time getting angry about this topic right now as it mostly just makes me sad right now (if you’ve been paying attention you may have noticed that I mentioned bad shit happening recently.  Yes, it is related.) but it is still the belief I feel the strongest about, probably even more now than ever.

Check out The Llama’s answer, and post your own if you want!


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