Q&A: Sinned Against

What was the biggest sin ever committed against you?

Hmm… Well, when I was a kid, one of the bratty neighbours ripped apart a frog and threw its limbs at me.  That’s probably the most shockingly horrible thing ever done to me.  That kid went on to kill a few other animals over the years… Far as I know that whole psychotic family are living much happier than they deserve to at the moment.

I don’t know how to answer this question other than that.  Most of the worst things I’ve encountered I have considered to be the worst things that could be done because they were done to people I care about, not directly to me.  When things are done directly to me I tend to just shrug them off because I can take it.  There have been a lot of horrible things done around me in the past.  Probably a lot of horrible things done directly to me, I don’t know.  People don’t really fuck with me directly very much.

People have abused my generosity in the past I guess.  I don’t know if I consider that so much a sin though.  I made myself an easy mark.

I really don’t know… I know life hasn’t been easy for me.  I’ve been screwed over a lot over really dumb things.  But no one example seems that bad…

Check out The Llama’s answer and post your own in the comments!


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