Q&A: First Impressions

Who made the strongest first impression on you?

I wish I had a story to go with this.  My more recent answers have been pretty straight forward and ridiculously short.  But I don’t.  Everyone makes the same degree of impression on me when I first meet them.  Which in general is ‘I will forget your name and what you look like about 2 minutes after you’re gone’.  I am terrible at remembering people.  I meet more than 1 person at a time and chances are I will forever confuse them all unless I get to know them a lot better.  I am just bad at people.  There has to be something very distinct about you for me to remember who you are a day later.  All you people look the same to me.

So on that note I guess I’ll go with the guy in one of my classes in high school who was damn near 7 feet tall, bushy red beard and a voice so deep you could practically feel the base vibrations when he talked.  Over a decade later and I can still remember him pretty distinctly!  He was actually a really good singer.  Could hit some shockingly high notes.

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Q&A: Loyalty


Chapter 8 of Twilight is coming soon, I promise, I’m just having… issues with it…

Who is the person most loyal to you?

The thing about being loyal to people is that they tend to respond in kind.  There was one day where I needed to talk to someone and Llama and one of my other closest friends were with me from the moment they got up to the minute they *had* to do something else.  Despite them both being busy and a few thousand miles away in opposite directions.  Everyone I am loyal to is loyal to me back.  Period.

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