Q&A: Taking Advantage

Which person have you taken most advantage of?

I make it a point to never rely on anyone.  To a detrimental degree.  So I don’t really think I’ve taken advantage of anyone in any kind of significant way that I can think of.  I’ve had no choice but to rely on people before, but I usually will go out of my way to help out to make up for it.  I know there are people who disagree with that because I’ve been called selfish a couple of times by multiple people for not wanting to be their chauffeurs (god forbid I expect to not have to drive you all over hells half acre every single day when you’re not even offering to pay for gas), but gun to my head, I dunno, my mother?  When she visits she spends a lot of time cleaning my apartment.  But that’s because she’s OCD and nothing is ever clean enough for her, even if she already spent five hours making it spotless the day before, she will spend another five the next day.  My apartment is only 900sqft!  There’s only so much you can clean it!  But when she’s here I don’t really do as much as I probably should to help out.  I hate doing the dishes at the best of times, so if there’s someone here who will do them for me I’m a little too quick to look the other way.  And that does make me feel like a jackass.  So, yeah, my mom I guess.

Check out The Llama’s answer to this question and write your own in the comments!

PS: to anyone that reads Llama’s answer, the answer to her question is no.  I don’t feel taken advantage of.


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