Q&A: Value

What is the most valuable thing you own?

Monetarily it’s my fifth wheel trailer which I bought to live in for work a couple of years ago.

Emotionally it’s oddly a couple of pieces of furniture.  My grandmother’s coffee table which I got after she passed away and my grandfather’s wardrobe which I got last year from my parents.  The coffee table means a lot to me because I have very fond memories of me, my sister, my cousins and my grandmother all playing cards on it and laughing as the cards would fly right off of it because it’s incredibly slick.  The wardrobe is sentimental because it was my grandfather’s, then my dad’s, now mine, and part of me feels guilty that, like my family name, the line ends with me since I don’t want kids… Maybe I’ll give it to Llama’s son some day.  I tried to convince her to give him my last name, but for some reason she thought that would be a bad idea :p  Can’t imagine why.

Check out The Llama’s answer to this question and put your own in the comments!


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