Q&A: Predictability

Whose words or actions can you most easily predict?

I have some friends I don’t really talk to much anymore but they’re still on my facebook, and I can pretty much tell you exactly what every post they make is going to be just by seeing their names pop up in my feed.  I have a cousin who posts nothing but religious posts about how awesome god is or posts about narcissists taking advantage of people because apparently ‘thou shalt not judge’ doesn’t extend to ex-husbands.  And another friend who only ever posts things about how the whole world is a bleak and horrible place, and one more who posts nothing but how awesome it is to be a ‘minimalist’.

If you want me to talk about someone I actually talk to face to face, it would probably be my brother-in-law.  Or my mother.  Or pretty much anyone in my life who just complains a lot.  People who complain a lot are incredibly easy to predict.  You want to be original while also talking about how much something sucks?  Think up a fix for it instead of just explaining why it sucks.  Odds are good everyone already knows it sucks.  Say something different.

Check out The Llama’s answer and post your own in the comments!  Do you find a lot of people in your social media repetitive or is it just me?


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