Q&A: Protective

Who in life have you felt the strongest need to protect?

*Sigh* The answer to this is kind of sad.  I don’t feel the need to protect people anymore.  I used to.  I used to want to protect pretty much everyone.  Now if I see someone getting hurt I want to protect them, but in general I feel absolutely no particular draw towards protecting people.  I don’t care any less about the people I love than I used to.  I just… I don’t know.  I just don’t feel like they need me to protect them.  Maybe that’s healthy.  Maybe I’m feeling less obligated towards the people around me and can have healthier boundaries with people now than I used to.  But I suspect it has more to do with the fact that I’m still severely physically isolated from pretty much everyone I know and care about, and so their lives have all gone on without me needing to be there to save them, and I’m feeling kind of useless in that aspect of my perceived role in their lives.  I used to be able to physically be there.  To be able to take care of them if they needed it or stop someone from treating them poorly.  Even when I didn’t live super close by I was still able to go there relatively easily to help them if they really needed it, and now it would be a few DAYS before I could be there if they needed me to be.  So I think I detached a bit.  I like feeling needed.  So this hasn’t been the best change that’s happened to me recently…

now I'm depressed

Check out The Llama’s answer and post your own in the comments!  When do you feel the most protective of people?


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