This one may seem like a cop out filler post that should already be covered in the ‘Diet’ topic. You would be correct to assume that. That’s exactly what this is. But it’s been incredibly hard to accomplish so I’m going to talk about it anyway.

Drinking the ‘right’ amount of water is weirdly hard to pull off. It should not be this hard. But it really is good for you. If nothing else it makes you move more often between getting more water and going to the bathroom more frequently. And they do suggest if you sit a lot you should try and get up and move every hour or so for your health!

Seriously though as much as there are some days where I fail miserably at this it has had a positive effect on my health. And as I said in the diet post, even small improvements can make a more significant difference than you may realize at the time. Feeling less bloated makes you feel less tired, a stomach full of water will have less room for food if overeating is a problem, it’s good for your kidneys and joints, it can help prevent UTI’s, etc, etc. Most people already know that they should drink more water. You don’t need me telling you too.

So how do you start drinking more water if you’re not used to it and find it difficult? Well I use apps. It reminds me that I need to drink more water and I’m a completionist. Not hitting a goal annoys me. So that helps. You can also start by having fewer alternatives in your fridge. And if flavour is a problem there are all kinds of things you can do about that. Toss in slices of fruit to give it a bit more flavour, you can buy artificial flavourings, get a water filter so you’re not wasting a dollar a bottle on bottled water or having to drink city water…

It takes some getting used to. But small improvements can lead to bigger changes. And it’s never a bad idea to start heading towards a healthier lifestyle. It’s also never too late. Just really fucking hard…


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