Canadian Politics

Hey everybody.  I’m gonna bore you today by talking about something important to me; politics.  There’s an election coming up soon here to elect our new Prime Minister and the race is really close.  And frankly that terrifies me.

Our current Prime Minister is Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper.  He is up for election again against the other two major parties, the NDP (New Democratic Party) and the Liberals, led by Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau respectively.

conservative NDP_eng_4-col Liberal_Party_of_Canada_Logo.svg

Harper has been the Prime Minister for the past eight years, winning people over after the last Liberal leader stepped down due to corruption charges.  Sounds reasonable right?  Except for some reason everyone was up in arms over the charges when the Liberal leader did it, but now Harper has been held in Contempt of Parliament twice, a very large portion of his cabinet has been charged and/or investigated for fraud and corruption, Harper himself is under investigation for complacency in a senators fraud and corruption charges, Harper was investigated for election fraud, which seems to be happening AGAIN this election (last election traditionally Liberal ridings got phone calls informing voters that their polling station was moved to a location extremely far away causing some people to end up not being able to vote because they went to the wrong place and couldn’t find the right one, and this year people in traditionally Liberal ridings are getting incorrect voter information cards in the mail telling them to go to locations that don’t even exist or hundreds of kilometers away from their home to vote) and that’s just the things that have gone to court.

On top of these problems, many of his party members have come forward anonymously stating that if they disagree with him on anything, they’ll be fired.  He sold the Canadian Wheat Board to Saudi Arabia when Canadian Farmers offered to buy it themselves.  He’s sold off rights to Canadian oil and diamond mines to American and Australian companies.  He agreed to the Trans Pacific Partnership which hurts our dairy and manufacturing industries.  He signed into law Bill C-51 which the UN has declared gives Harper more power to spy on Canadians than protect them (think the Canadian version of the Patriot Act).  He’s unprotected almost every body of water in Canada from environmental damage.  And these are just the things I can think of off the top of my head that he’s done.  There’s plenty more.

But he’s hired an election campaign manager who specializes in ‘dead cat’ strategy.  Tossing out a distraction to keep people from talking about his downsides.  Right now it’s the Niqab.  Muslim women who want to become Canadian citizens want to be able to keep their Niqab on while taking their citizenship vows.  Harper wants them to ‘not hide who they are’.  But there’s a third option.  Give them a room free of men so they can take off their Niqab without serious discomfort and everyone wins.  But instead of talking about all the problems he’s created in his tenure, he’s managed to distract everyone with a pretty goddamn trivial problem in the grand scheme of things.

He’s also talking up his plan to lower taxes, make up for the problems the TPP is causing the manufacturing industry with a billion dollar bailout, and still balance the budget.  Yet he fails to mention that how he plans to do that will probably follow his past cost saving measures like defunding Veterans Affairs, Employment Insurance (a program that was profitable until he used their surplus to fund other programs he liked better then cut half their funding, declaring it a bad investment, and leaving thousands of unemployed people with no income for MONTHS because they were now so short staffed they could no longer keep up), healthcare, tax centers, etc.  So what is he going to cut to balance the budget this time?  A feat that he hasn’t actually accomplished in any of his eight years so far I might add.  Despite cutting all these programs he has still run a deficit each year he’s been in office.  But of course, when one of the other party leaders talks about wanting to run a deficit to put funding into infrastructure and new industries to build jobs and counter the recession we’re going through, it’s obviously the worst thing in the whole world!

There are serious issues with the other parties too.  I am not blind to their faults.  The NDP have never been in power, and their plans are expensive and will likely need serious adjustment if they get power, which means voting for them based on their platform is basically useless because you can’t trust that they can get any of it done.  Not to mention their leader is kind of a dickhead.  The Liberal’s leader is young and inexperienced, and his party seems to lack faith in him.  Most of the ads they post are more about how young and attractive he looks (the first few weeks of the election there were a bunch of attack ads that basically boiled down to which leader had the better hair, and dear god do I wish that was an exaggeration) than about his actual platform.  It’s hard to have faith in someone when their party doesn’t.  Not to mention he does plan to undo some of the actually positive changes Harper made to the tax code like Income Splitting, which allows married people to split their income between each other which can drop them into lower tax brackets.  Which is very helpful to retirees and families where one parent is a stay at home parent.

Stephen Harper did not win the competition for the best hair

Stephen Harper did not win the competition for the best hair

Mulcair has the best beard though.  But that's at least partly because he's the only one with one

Mulcair has the best beard though. But that’s at least partly because he’s the only one with one

This is pretty much all the Facebook ads for Trudeau consist of.  No information, just his face.

This is pretty much all the Facebook ads for Trudeau consist of. No information, just his face.

But personally, the deficits in the other two parties do not at all outweigh the damage that Harper has already done.  And the fact that so many people seem to have forgotten all of the bad things he’s done for this country disturbs me greatly.  So here I am, voicing my political leanings for the internet, which is not something I ever do, because I hate fighting about bullshit like this with people.  I really do.  But I am worried, and frustrated, and the day of the election (October 19th) is going to be an incredibly stressful day for me spent watching the news, waiting and crossing my fingers.

If you’re Canadian, please vote.  If you know a Canadian, please REMIND them to vote.


Q&A: Historical Crimes

What crime from history fascinates you most?

I have no idea.  So I’ll just say Elizabeth Bathory.  A Hungarian Countess who murdered young beautiful women to bath in and drink their blood to try and stay young and beautiful herself.

Elizabeth BathoryCheck out The Llama’s answer and history buffs, feel free to post your own!

Q&A: Body Disposal

What would be the best way to get rid of a dead body?

Thanks to my upbringing, I actually know the legitimate answer to this question.  And there’s absolutely no way I am sharing that on the internet.  So I’ll tell a different story related to disposing of dead bodies instead!

A few years ago, there was a pig farmer in British Columbia.  He was a millionaire with a very successful farm and things were going great.  But at some point that no one is quite sure of, he started murdering women.  He was only officially charged with the murders of six women, but was charged in the deaths of at least twenty more, and he confessed to an undercover informant to killing forty-nine total, and that he was disappointed that he got sloppy and lost his chance to make it an even fifty.

He was charged in the deaths of so few of that number because he fed at least some of the bodies to the pigs.  Which made me so glad I lived on the other side of the country at the time, because man would I not want to have accidentally eaten pigs that had been fed human flesh… Very disturbing.  And sadly none of that is untrue or exaggerated.  Because people are psychotic.  Even in Canada.

That method is a little tricky to emulate though, since you’d need access to a pig farm.

Well this one was a dark question!  Check out The Llama’s much less depressing take on it and feel free to say in the comments how you would do it!


Computer + Depression

Sorry for the unplanned disappearance.  Again.  This one wasn’t anything to do with me or my situation, it was just my mom visiting and keeping me busy.

Today’s post is about something that’s been working for me lately; keeping my computer out of my bedroom.

A little history; I can’t sleep without background noise.  Haven’t been able to since I moved into an apartment building for the first time.  When I try and sleep without constant noise, my brain picks up on EVERY noise and wakes me up to investigate what it was.  When I do have noise, my brain just tunes everything out assuming everything is from the constant source.  And for a long time I didn’t have cable, so I would put DVD’s on or something.  Things that always stopped playing after a while and I would wake up and have to put it back on.  This got annoying.  I could have used music, but at the time I was being a luddite and refused to get a cell phone and couldn’t afford an MP3 player.

After a while I got cable and could just stick that on a channel that was mostly repeats so they wouldn’t keep me up wanting to watch something I’d already seen, or a channel that played shows I wasn’t angered to listen to but also wasn’t terribly interested in, like the Food Network.  When I moved though, and ended up living in a camp more often than not, I had to get a laptop since I needed a computer that was mobile, and I started to get used to using my laptop as my source of noise to sleep.  This was not a very good idea.

When I am home and not working, which is a lot lately (isn’t unemployment just the greatest?) I had my computer in my bedroom because it was my background noise.  It is also my internet and my communication with my friends, and my games… I barely ever left my bed.  Didn’t have to!  Everything was right there!  Why get up when you can be so warm and cozy right here and you have everything you need?!  Oh, just a few reasons.

First and most obvious reason is less physical movement.  When you’re sitting at a desk all day you get very little physical movement.  But when you’re lying in bed all day your heart rate barely gets above 65, and that’s really not great for your health.  Beyond that there’s also several other things.  Like making it a lot harder to convince yourself to leave your home, not just your bed.  Like being more tired because your body is in a position that tells it to sleep.  Like having a harder time motivating yourself to do things that actually do need to be done because you’re tired and comfortable right where you are, why would you bother moving?!

Being too comfortable is a bad idea when you’re depressed.  I know that sounds stupid to anyone with depression who feels massively uncomfortable all the time and would kill to feel comfort, but honestly when your depression stems even partially from your situation, comfort is a killer.  When you’re comfortable, you don’t make changes.  Not the important ones.  You do everything you need to do to keep whatever is making you comfortable.  Even if staying comfortable means giving up a chance at being more than comfortable.  A chance at being happy means a chance you won’t be.  And if it goes THAT way, then you gave up comfort for misery.  Why would you do that?

For me, having my computer in my room was making me sleep longer than I should, it encouraged me to not get dressed, which was comfortable, but honestly terrible for self esteem.  It encouraged me to be unwilling to view my writing as work, which made it harder to write.  When I was miserable at my job, my writing was to vent.  I don’t need to vent anymore.  I still wanted to write, but I was so tired all the time.  It required too much focus.  So I had to find some other way to motivate myself to do it.  I had to get out of bed.  I had to stop being up till all hours of the night after deciding to go to bed because there was something interesting on the screen beside me, and then sleeping all day instead.

Honestly it’s not that easy to explain why it helps as much as it does.  But it’s made a significant difference.  I don’t know if it would help anyone else, but it helps me, and this section of my blog is about my fight, not just advice for other people.  But keeping your computer out of your bedroom is never a BAD idea as far as I’m concerned.  Unless your common areas are untrustworthy or your bedroom is also your living room, then it gets a little tricky…